IP's manufacturing story is incomplete without the people behind the products

Last revised: October 13, 2023
Maya Malone

Communications Specialist

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of manufacturing? Is it the different paper and pulp products that we make or is it the many people make manufacturing possible?

Manufacturing Day gives us the opportunity to show gratitude to the thousands of people who help create the products that people depend on every day.

“If you don’t have manufacturing, then you don’t have anything,” said Doug “Dynamo” Kinsey. “You know where that stuff from the store comes from? Someone has to make it.”

Throughout Doug’s 23 years at IP, he’s played an important role in creating the paper products that people around the world depend on daily. Doug is a vibration analyst at the Rome Containerboard Mill in Rome, Ga. He takes pride in his role of ensuring the machines are running correctly to prevent a mill shutdown.

Beyond his day-to-day effort to keep the mill running, manufacturing runs deep in Doug’s blood.

“My grandaddy was one of the first hired when the mill opened in 1954,” Doug said, adding that since the mill opened, many of his uncles and other family members have worked at the mill as well.

My grandaddy was one of the first hired when the mill opened in 1954.

His passion for manufacturing and the people who introduced him to this career have taken Doug far. Dynamo received the opportunity to join other hourly manufacturing workers to discuss the industry with people in Washington D.C.

“We go up there and we don’t lobby,” Doug said. “We educate Congress.”

The group takes the time to educate our elected officials on more than just IP’s paper making process or sustainable operations. They talk about the people who work every day to ensure the products that people depend on are available, and they show how manufacturing serves their community.

“We’re going as people in a community. That’s the story we’re telling up there,” he said.

This Manufacturing Day, remember that IP’s story would be incomplete without the many people in our communities who made careers in manufacturing. From working safely and ethically to taking care of the natural resources we use, thank you to all our team members across the world for everything you do to help create what’s next in manufacturing.

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